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Homegrown Gardener

The Homegrown Gardener™ brand of annuals offers the best genetics available so you can have the most beautiful landscape possible!  The graphic, branded pot comes in both a quart-size and a gallon-size.  Both sizes include an attractive, informative custom tag, and these high quality annuals will perform the same as, or better than, other branded plants on the market.

Homegrown Gourmet is a trademarked brand developed for the needs of a growing group of growers, retailers, and consumers looking for a premium line of Vegetables and Herbs. The product line includes many Heirloom and difficult to find varieties. Homegrown Gourmet Herbs and Vegetables are selected specifically for their ease of growth and simple care, as well as the ability to produce an abundance of finished vegetables and herbs.

Click the icon, to the left, to see more!

Click the icon, to the left, to see more!

homegrown gardener

Homegrown Gourmet