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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we want to help it become even better. Foertmeyer NW is primarily an annual flower grower. Our 804 flats are amazing. Vegetative high performance annuals trialed and selected from the best genetics we can find. All offered in quart pots, 6” deep pots, 12”-13” hanging baskets and a wide selection of 10” to 15” mixed planters. Check out our new Success by Design line of planters and hanging baskets. Vegetables are offered in 3”, quart pots, 6” pots, patio planters and hanging baskets. Herbs are grown in quart pots providing customers with sturdy stocky plants for great success.


Besides Fall Mums we offer a well designed line of mixed fall planters and hanging baskets. Celosias, ornamental peppers, kale, grasses, Rudbeckias, Gaillardia Arizona Suns. Success by Design 10”-12”-15” Fall planters. Plus other interesting plants like SunBelievable Sunflowers.

Keeping your store stocked with beautiful consumer desired plants is our wholesale division’s goal. Working side by side with our IGC customers is the best way to get this done. Let’s discuss how to best keep the customers happy and our companies prosperous.


House Plants  We will develop this together. The opportunities are great and our customers need our help. Let’s talk.


Early Spring When the weather turns and spring is in the air we have a selection of cold tolerant plants and flowers to satisfy the customer’s need for life and beauty. We grow the cure for Spring Fever. What will make this special time of the year more profitable for you? Let’s talk.

The 4 Seasons of Flowers at Foertmeyer NW


Because you can’t sell plants from an empty store we grow quart pots, 6” pots and 8” pots of interesting heat loving annuals. Hanging baskets and Planters are also provided to keep your store full and fresh.


Foertmeyer NW has gained a reputation for high quality properly spaced Poinsettias. We offer 2.5” mini poinsettias as well as 4”, 6.5” 7.5” 8.5” and 10” poinsettias. All poinsettias are pre-booked and grown specially for our IGC and Florist wholesale customers. Poinsettias are contracted by February 1st to assure availability for the following Christmas season. A selection of 10”-12”-15” outdoor winter Success by Design planters round out our year’s offering.

Our selections are designed around your needs and our capabilities to properly grow the plants that fill those needs. What are those needs now and into the future?  What trends do we see? What can we do together to set our companies apart to help our customers enjoy and benefit from our world of plants? “Let’s Talk.” Click here to fill out our contact form