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Welcome to the New Foertmeyer Northwest!

2020 brought amazing opportunities for our Independent Garden Center Clients and Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouse. 2020 is the year Independent Garden Centers and Markets were provided with a new Greenhouse producer dedicated to IGC product development, service and a reliable source of quality plant materials year round. Foertmeyer Northwest is here to help you maintain your independence by providing plant materials and service that will distance you from the big box store customer option.


Our more with less approach

Consider us different. Our choice to serve fewer businesses allows us to better meet the year round needs of those who partner with us. You have great ideas and so do we. Co-Developing ideas, services and products to benefit our end user customer’s success is the ultimate goal.


Let’s strive to reach that goal together

Becoming better than we are now in my opinion requires working more closely together. Let’s talk, let's discover and let’s strategize how our production and your retailing expertise can best match the needs of our valued end user customers.  


A message from Mark:

Our end user customers need our help, plus we have a whole new flock of customers that don’t know our self defeating rules. The NEW Foertmeyer’s Greenhouse Northwest is committed to provide plants customers will be successful growing. Provide Plant Tips to help your customers and your sales force be more confident answering questions and selling more plants. The rules have changed for the better, let’s not screw it up. A new generation of customers have entered our world. They buy plants for different reasons. They will buy plants beyond Memorial Day. They want to be successful, they want to learn.